DAYD the final!

As I hate blogging about anything serious because I invariably feel like a giant twat, and searching for a flat in Frankfurt is terrifying, I am going to gift you with the double whammy of DAYD's last chapter and epilogue. You get them both because frankly, there isn't enough in the epilogue to merit its own post. Actually, the epilogue isn't that bad, really. Considering.

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The UK Riots and Twitter's Solution

IMPORTANT EDIT: Below the hashtag #labellove is mentioned. As I understand it, the hashtag and related activities were set up in innocent good faith, but Johnny Foreigner brings some much needed perspective on the PIAS fire here. If you can't be bothered to read it (shame on you), then my summary of it is: insured for fire, profiteering, commercial opportunism. Seriously though read it.

No, I'm not going to call them the London riots. Why? Well, I've never really liked London anyway, but I think it's common knowledge now that Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and wherever else there are idiots gathered, are not London.

Anyway. Twitter has been inundated recently with the #OperationCupOfTea hashtag, and its growing number of followers who proclaim, among other things, mugs not thugs. I don't know why this is annoying me, but I blame the fact that after Kim Stanley Robinson's sublime The Years of Rice and Salt, the next book on my to-read list was Kay Burley's First Ladies, and it is as shit as Kerry Foods smells in the summer. And that's not a euphemism of any kind. When I say Kerry Foods smells of shit in the morning on the way into work, I don't mean it smells generally rank, I mean it smells like actual shit from an arse, and that I honest-to-god gagged in the street. So I am prone to irritation.

That said, #OperationCupOfTea is very sweet and all, its point being to sit in and have a cup of tea and not smash windows. But, and I'm really sorry to shit on the love-in, what is the point? This sounds like what about 90% of the population do anyway. Basically, my point is that #OperationCupOfTea is identical to millions of other Twitter "campaigns" and reactions to every single breaking news catastrophe, in that it exhorts the good people of Twitter to retweet some slogan and sit back, basking in the glow of smugness that comes of being aware of what's going on in the news. All those people who gush about how #OperationCupOfTea is better than #prayforLondon and how it shows a proper difference in attitude between Us and Them Across The Pond, are literally marvelling at their ability to do fuck all and not only be smug about it, but actively delude themselves that they are making a difference.

This isn't to be confused with actual campaigns carried out through Twitter, which are often focused on a specific goal, like #RebuildReeves, #labellove and #riotcleanup. #RebuildReeves is concentrating on raising funds to rebuild the furniture shop gutted by fire, #labellove is asking for support for indie labels whose headquarters were also destroyed by fire (SEE EDIT ABOVE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS), and #riotcleanup is keeping tabs on, surprise, clean up after the riots in all the places affected so far. This is wonderful. This is useful. This is helping. I'm not going to pretend that Twitter is saving the world, or that it's even capable of doing so, but what it is capable of doing is allowing those people, like me, who aren't affected or near enough to anywhere affected to physically go over there, to do *something* that will measurably help. Buying a record from a homeless indie record label is helping that record label. Donating money to rebuilding Reeves is helping.

Sitting at home and drinking tea, though a pleasant activity in itself, is not helping the UK riots. It is doing fuck all. Yes, you could argue that one person sitting at home is one person not looting and burning, but if that person was just going to sit at home anyway, then #OperationCupOfTea has made no difference except to add to the smugness field that I imagine to be hovering above the earth and shielding us from cosmic rays or something.

In this way, and I'm nowhere near the first person to point this out, Twitter is hindering the riot effort. It's telling people that they don't have to do anything in the real world to help.

That is bullshit.

We will always live in this world outside our computers, tied in these bodies with their physical needs and biological quirks of emotion and empathy and compassion. And so will everyone else. I understand that the empathy and compassion make the prospect of riots so close to home, friends and family a horrible thing, and that we're driven to make it better somehow, and to make ourselves feel better. My own personal way out is to simply stay away from the news and keep busy. Which I freely admit is also bullshit and unhelpful, and I'm working on it.

But for now, #OperationCupOfTea partiers, if you want to help, if you really want to help, you know exactly what to do and where to go, and you always have.

So hop to it.

DAYD The Interminable

By the way, as soon as I finished the last instalment of DAYD I got a reply from Nintendo with my contract details, so I'm going to be off to merry Germany within the next couple of months. It still doesn't feel real. I'm almost certainly going to be moving into a place in Frankfurt with Ste, going "So, it's been a great dream, but when do we wake up?" This also means that the world is calling my bluff on the HERP DERP sampler, which, by the way, I am absolutely going to do.

I honestly don't know how Thanfiction can top HERP DERP STICK MY WEDDING RING ON A WAND, but Voldemort waits for no man, and so we have to crack on.

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DAYD number shinty six

That's a real number, as in the popular phrase: I only have shinty six days left to live.

True facts.

Anyway. I have a nice cup of blackberry and apple tea and a grudge, so let's go.

I have finally seen the final Harry Potter film, thus putting paid to my ill-considered plan to get all of these done before the film came out, and simultaneously giving me even more of a context in which to play with DAYD. It didn't feel like a real ending to me, I don't know why. And considering they split the book in two for the film, I think they could have done more with it. I dunno, obviously I'm not a film maker for a plethora of very good reasons, but mm. It was good, seriously, I loved it, and when McGonagall brought the statues/suits of armour down I was grinning like an idiot and clutching my boyfriend's arm, completely overwhelmed by how utterly badass that whole thing was. It was class in the book as well, but the film just made it *epic*. I loved the DOOM DOOM DOOM of their stone feet, and the way they fell as though they had sworn fealty, and oh, I just had a mad crush on them.

So if anyone ever thinks I'm too hard on Thanfiction, or that I'm a giant loser, or unfunny, or a bitch, please, feel free to remember that this is the girl who gets excited over enchanted suits of armour, and you should feel better.

That said, let's be off!

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DAYD chapter 20 part deux

Hurrah for rest days! Hopefully should be finding out job results this week (oh my god oh my god oh my god) which means I either get the job of my dreams and crap myself hoping I'm good enough, or I don't, and I have to face up to the fact that I'm NEVER GETTING OUT OF BILLINGHAM.


Back to what is really important (the adventures of Bizarro Neville), and I, being a cruel bitch to my imaginary readers, left it just at the moment when Harry and co came back into the Hogwarts storyline.

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The Moment We Have All Been Waiting For, All Two Of Us

So, I haven't been sporking (or posting, or anything) recently. There are several reasons for this. One is work, of course. The other... well. I was kind of starting to feel like all I was doing was mocking someone else and using it as an excuse not to do anything of my own. Thanfiction, though the end product was pretty execrable, put a shitload of time and effort into this to get even the sheer bulk of the words (and it's not like any editing went into it afterwards, let's be honest). And I have done, ehhhhh, precisely not so much. So I took some time to work on my own stuff, more to prove it to myself that I could. So I did, and I have had much joy and heartache from it, and will continue to do so in future.

The trigger for me coming back now is partly my own ridiculous vanity (hey troper who is interested in my take on the Battle of Hogwarts! Let's find out together <3) and partly because I had the interview for my dream job in Frankfurt yesterday, and so my insecurities are at their thinnest, like the veil between this world and the next on Hallowe'en night~ This is my reward for being such a good girl and not imploding into a neutron star in Germany.

Dear FSM, I have been so good all year. Please let this be a good one.

Split into two three because it's long and I am verbose.

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Not dead, just working

So, maybe you have been wondering where I have been for the last... ungodly number of months. Maybe not! That is fine too!

Basically, I managed to get myself into the wonderful world of work. More specifically, the magical world of call centres.

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On The Solar Systems of the Blogosphere

I can't be the only person to think of them that way, right?

The blogosphere is the universe, the liberal blogosphere is the delta quadrant or whatever, the little areas within that, the feminists, the anti-racists, the queer blogs, the as-yet-unnamed anti-the-biases-and-lies-of-the-press movement, all little solar systems. They're all governed by the same general base rules - maybe one has carbon-based life, the next arsenic-based, phosphorus-based, bismuth-based, I don't even know, just run with me.

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